Logotipo Dhemen

Danobatgroup is a reference in the machine tool sector, not solely for being always on the cutting edge of technology, but also for being the first – in the hands on Dhemen – to field an emotional vision of the world of machine tools.

In such a large-scale global product project, preliminary analysis and diagnostics lead into the decision to externalise and allow the perceived quality to become palpable – building on the technological feeling and trust in a family of machines with such diverse morphologies, uses and locations. Distinct spaces are identified, developed and conceptualised: Working Areas, Human Areas, Maintenance Spots and Logistics Areas, which are all encapsulated within the concept of Total Machine.

This concept takes the form of a prism, guiding the design development and transformation of a people-based product narrative. The people who use the machines from their distinct contact points: machinist, engineer, maintenance technician, production manager, site visitor, and so on.

The product strategy defined by Dhemen puts forward its own product system based on the symbiosis between human and machine. This is materialised via a new, formal morphology, an identifiable brand footprint and proper application of the corporate colourway and its hierarchy.


Soraluce FXR — Red Dot Design Award Winner 

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