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Boj is a century-old brand which has built its reputation on well-known and recognisable products in the world of wine and household goods.

Dhemen has a firm relationship with the brand as its design studio, and in addition to redesigning its corporate identity in 2016, was tasked with the redesign of its iconic wall-mounted corkscrew.

The project stemmed from two fundamental premises:  Improve usability of the product to allow easy operation for any type of user, and build a more sustainable product through an eco-design process to control and minimise its environmental impact.

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Thus, in satisfying the first demand of the project and improving user experience, the result is an object whose functionality and usability have been completely reimagined. It uses a new, patented mechanism to simplify as much as possible the extraction of the cork from the bottle in just one natural movement.

This project was required to be eco-designed and Dhemen, an ISO 14006 eco-design compliant studio, employed all applicable processes throughout an environmentally sustainable project which controlled the entire product life-cycle, its carbon footprint and materials traceability to create an object built to last under heavy use, and to avoid obsolescence at all costs.

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